My family may have first settled on the red dirt island six generations ago, but I still enjoy being a tourist when I visit. Three of my favourite places to sight-see are; Cabot Beach Provincial Park, Cavendish – Prince Edward Island National Park, and Point Prim Lighthouse.

As a youth, Cabot Beach Provincial Park was a popular destination for my family. Being just down the road from my Mother’s childhood home on the Island, these red sand beaches are the first place I got to experience the taste of Ocean water; hold a starfish, and fall in love with the island vibes. Not to be confused with the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton.. Cabot Beach is located on the Northern Coast of the Island Province, on Malpeque Bay. Situated along the Green Gables Shore, Cabot Beach is the largest Provincial Park in the western region of the Island. With attractions such as the Historic Fanning School; play ground, red sand beach, and trails leading the the scenic red stone cliffs. Cabot Beach is a family favourite!


Cavendish is a popular tour destination. With multiple festivals, natural red sand dunes, and abundance of boardwalks, Prince Edward Island National Park is rated the #1 summertime destination on the Island. While there, you have to check out the Green Gables, the setting of the Television Show that brought tourism to PEI many years ago. Also, take a hike down the Homestead Trail to discover amazing panoramic views of the surrounding Island and Atlantic Ocean.


Finally, my favourite spot to visit on the Island, Point Prim Lighthouse. One of the lesser known Heritage Sites on Prince Edward Island, Point Prim was recommended to me by a cousin of mine who resides on the island. The oldest and first lighthouse on PEI, Point Prim Lighthouse (or Light Station) was built in 1845 and stands over 60ft tall. Situated on the longest peninsula of Prince Edward Island, Point Prim Lighthouse gives you a breath taking view of the Northumberland Straight, which divides the Island from its neighbouring provinces Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. This Lighthouse is also one of very few Lighthouses in all of Canada, built as a round brick structure design.


As for food, I recently visited a fancy little Oyster House downtown Charlottetown, called Dublin Pub. Kiefer and I ordered Salmon, Prawns and Scallops. The food was delicious! I’m not much of a seafood fan and I ate my entire dish!

For more Canadian East Coast adventures, check out my Atlantic Canada Road Trip.

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