Want to see turquoise blue waters from incredible heights, without leaving Ontario or even the GTA? Then find yourself at the Scarborough Bluffs. There are a number of different locations to admire the 65m tall clay attractions, stretching over 14km of Lake Ontario shore.

_DSC1271 copy.jpg

I will advise you, this is not a place to bring your young children or pets. The tops of the clay have turned to sand and it was very slippery, even for me. I recommend bringing shoes with good tread and not wearing runners or anything flat. The more traction, the better.

_DSC1252 copy.jpg

If you google map the “Scarborough Bluffs”, you will be taken to the Bluffers Park by the marina. To get to the trails at the top of the bluffs, you must either GPS “Cathedral Bluffs Park” or Scarborough Crescent Park”. At both locations, there is perimeter fence warning trespassers of the dangers beyond the fence. I hiked in with my friend Taylor, we decided to hop the fence to get a better view. A lot of tourist were doing it as well. There is great potential for awesome shots up there but it comes at a huge risk. People have been know to fall to their death from the sandy clay heights.

My most recommended location would be the Scarborough Crescent Park, the trails beyond the fence were much more scenic!

For more photos, check us out on Instagram at @travelling.chelsea. & check out my friend Taylor too! @wapshaw19

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