One of my favourite hikes in Ontario is Rock Dunder! Along with the Scarborough Cathedral Bluffs, it was on my list of hikes to complete before moving out of Ontario. I also ranked Rock Dunder #3 on my “8 Best Hikes in Ontario”.


Located on Stanley Lash Lane, just off Hwy 15, the Rock Dunder Nature Reserve is a  Rideau Waterway Land Trust. With about 8km of hiking and walking trails, and a giant granite outcrop summit at 150m elevation. The summit loop trail is listed as 4km, but I would argue it is longer as there are so many elevation changes throughout the trail. It was a moderate trail and due to the time of year, was also rather mucky. My sister and I both ended up with soggy feet by the end of the hike.


The trails were fairly well blazed, we never found ourselves lost, though the yellow blazes weren’t the easiest to see in a fully grown in forest. This trail is only open for the spring, summer, fall seasons due to the terrain here and safety concerns. When we arrived, the man we bought our parking pass from informed us a woman had broken her leg on thetrails recently. After about an hour of hiking, we understood how she could have! The parking pass is $10.00 per vehicle, they implement this to reduce traffic on the trails and reduce litter and damage to the property.


I hiked in with my pack and snacks, and a few items specifically for a little photoshoot at the summit. Since Canada Day 150 is coming up, I wanted to get a little patriotic to this big beautiful country I call home. An “Eh?” hat, my red shoes, and a big ole Canadian flag!

After some time soaking in the views, waving at boaters below, and watching the birds soaring in the wind, we headed out the other half of the loop trail. I’m telling you its longer than 4km with those elevation changes, we were about 2.5hrs total from the parking lot – hiking on the trails – then back to the car. Was an amazing day with good earthy vibes. I highly recommend this place!!

For more photos check us out on Instagram, & check my sister Sarah Parkinson out too!

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