Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my coffee. My parents have always tried to deter me from enjoying the marvellous beverage so frequently, considering most load their coffees with sugar and fattening creams. Recently I have decided to switch to drinking simple ole black coffee.

With my parents accusations of negative effects from too much coffee, I decided to do some research and have found some quite significant benefits of drinking coffee regularly. Here’s to you Mom and Dad! Cheers.


Coffee improves brain power.

  • Something we all knew simply by the energy boost we get from our routine morning coffees. It’s nice to have science that can back up that fact as well.
  • The caffeine in coffee stops the brains production of a chemical called adenosine, the chemical which causes drowsiness.
  • Instead of reaching for supplements to give you an energy boost, reach for your all natural cup of black coffee for your energy boost.


Coffee keeps you physically healthy.

  • Coffee is packed with antioxidants! Coffee beans contain kahweol and cafestol which are proven as anti-inflammatory and anti- cancer. Trigonelline is an anti-bacterial alkaloid. Niacin is found in coffee when roasted to a darker roast. Chlorogenic Acid, with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, has been proven to enhance insulin production which protects us against diabetes and improve our metabolism. Caffeine itself is an antioxidant, helping to rid headaches, loose weight, and preventing diabetes. Caffeine is also beneficial for skin complexion. Coffee contains more antioxidants than green teas, black teas, and red wine!
  • Regular consumption of coffee can actually work as a natural cleanse of the body’s systems. Many drug and alcohol detox centres will use daily coffee consumption to help clean the body systems of addicts. The average person can also receive many other benefits from a coffee cleanse too. Coffee has diuretic effects on the body causing a faster movement of toxic substances left in the intestines.
  • Regular consumption can protect your liver! Your detoxer sometimes needs a detox. Regular coffee drinkers have been observed to have higher functioning, and less damaged livers over their lifetime. Thus aiding in prevention of liver cancers and diseases.
  • Coffee also aids in prevention of retinal damage. Studies show protection against deteriorating eyesight and even blindness! Thanks to chlorogenic acid.
  • Your teeth will thank you. Coffee, when drank black, can actually prevent tooth decay. Just don’t go over board, it still stains your teeth yellow.
  • The fibre you can find in oatmeal and apples, is also found in coffee!
  • Your morning coffee also delivers an abundance of essential nutrients to start your day. Such as 11% Riboflavin, 2% Niacin, 6% Pantothenic Acid, 3% Potassium, and more.


Coffee helps your mental health.

  • Not only does coffee clearly improve your mental energy, it also fights depressive symptoms and lowers risk of suicide.
  • Drinking coffee regularly can delay the onset of alzheimer’s, and even in those who already have some form of dementia. Caffeine block inflammation on the brain which reduces cognitive decline.
  • Caffeine in coffee can also helps to protect you against Parkinson’s Disease.


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