Obviously I am from Ontario, but never thought about highlighting my home province! So here’s to Ontario, the second largest province in Canada. We gave you the telephone, basketball, and Wayne Gretzky. The most populated province, and the most extreme weather diversity (+35C in summer, and -45C in winter). Famous for Toronto, which is NOT the Capital of Canada.. and Ottawa, which IS the capital of Canada. I’m counting down my top 8 favourite places to venture and hike, in all of Ontario.


8. Algonquin Provincial Park – Kiosk, Ontario



7. Devil’s Punch Bowl – Hamilton, Ontario



6. Warsaw Caves – Warsaw, Ontario



5. Albion Falls – Hamilton, Ontario


This waterfall is one of 4 I hiked along the Bruce Trail Conservancy in Hamilton.


4. Cathedral Bluffs – Scarborough, Ontario



3. Rock Dunder – Lyndhurst, Ontario



2. Indian River Falls – Owen Sound, Ontario



1. Bruce Trail Conservancy – Tobermory, Ontario


For more info click on any of the links provided. Or check out Tourism in Ontario.

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