Road Trip to Algonquin Provincial Park.

If you have grown up in Ontario, or any of our neighbouring states, you may know of Algonquin Park. It is a Provincial Park, in the perfectly preserved wilderness of Northern Ontario. Located four hours north west of Ottawa and four and a half hours north of Toronto. Fun Fact: Algonquin Park is the third … Continue reading Road Trip to Algonquin Provincial Park.

The river between Cordova Lake and Belmont Lake.

I woke with a thirst for adventure. Someone had mentioned to me about a river north of Cordova, that had some cool rapids and waterfalls. I had to check this out! As soon as I stepped out of the car on the side of Fire Route 18, I could hear the roar of the water! … Continue reading The river between Cordova Lake and Belmont Lake.

The Mighty Marmoraton Mine & Shanick.

I am in the cute little cottage town of Marmora-and-Lake, visiting friends. I used to spend my summers in this town with friends all the time; fishing, boating, drinking, bbq’s, fires, tubing, hiking, and exploring. I’m in such a happy place here with all my old friends, I decided to do some exploring! My first … Continue reading The Mighty Marmoraton Mine & Shanick.

Macaulay Mountain Conservation Area 

Since I am soon leaving the Central and Southern Ontario regions.. I decided I must visit as many locations as I possibly can! You would be surprised how many conservation areas you can find by simply opening your maps app and typing in "conservation area". I want to see as much of this beautiful province … Continue reading Macaulay Mountain Conservation Area 

Feeling Nostalgic.

Since I am not new to the hiking game, but I am new to the blogging game.. I though I would reminisce about some of my past ventures. I have been a lot of places in Southern Ontario, mainly the Bruce Trail along the stunning Niagara Escarpment. I am currently exploring the trails of Central … Continue reading Feeling Nostalgic.