Travelling around New Brunswick.

New Brunswick is one of my favourite provinces. I don't remember too much of it as a kid, but as an adult I truly have so much love for the wilderness in this province. They have managed to preserve so much of the natural landscape. The towns just decorate the valleys along the Appalachian Mountains. … Continue reading Travelling around New Brunswick.

Waking up in New Brunswick.

After what was not as cold of a night as we expected, we woke and had breakfast in Edmundston. Now that we could see more (but not too much more because it was still snowing), we could definitely see that we were in the mountains. I absolutely love the forest covered mountains, gives so much … Continue reading Waking up in New Brunswick.

Travelling from Ontario to New Brunswick.

If you're planning to travel to any where in the Maritimes, I have lots of advice. I have made this trip many times now, more so when I was younger (this is my first time doing this trip without my parents). Rule #1.. always prepare for rainy/damp weather! This particular area of Canada gets a … Continue reading Travelling from Ontario to New Brunswick.

Macaulay Mountain Conservation Area 

Since I am soon leaving the Central and Southern Ontario regions.. I decided I must visit as many locations as I possibly can! You would be surprised how many conservation areas you can find by simply opening your maps app and typing in "conservation area". I want to see as much of this beautiful province … Continue reading Macaulay Mountain Conservation Area 

Feeling Nostalgic.

Since I am not new to the hiking game, but I am new to the blogging game.. I though I would reminisce about some of my past ventures. I have been a lot of places in Southern Ontario, mainly the Bruce Trail along the stunning Niagara Escarpment. I am currently exploring the trails of Central … Continue reading Feeling Nostalgic.